A1.3-A2.2 Finnish Course with Turkish Explanation Fall 2023

Duygu Gizem Ertoprak is a Finnish course given online by our teacher, which is mostly attended by physicians.

Institution offering the course/work:

Duygu Gizem Ertoprak

Course Start and end tarihi :

October 2, 2023 - November 10, 2023

Course Duration :

6 Weeks

Course Days / time :

Monday and Wednesday 17:30-19:30 (+15min break)

Course Interface / Course Implementation Program :

ZOHO MEETING - all lessons will be recorded and sent to students at the end of the lesson

Course program :

Gradual progression starting from level A2.1. 

Course fee :

Cooperative members 80 euro 

Other participants 100 euro

(It is possible to pay TL equivalent to Türkiye İş Bankası account with the exchange rate of the day without EFT / Money Order deduction)

Application :

Whatsapp group or Gizem Ertoprak +0451478300

Sclass capacity:

Minimum 15, maximum 30 students

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