Finnish Language Training and Doctorate in Finland

"Finnish language courses" and "Finnish medical exam preparation materials"

To become a doctor in Finland, you should also study Finnish language. 1. Start your Finnish language studies simultaneously with the recognition of your medical degree. You find and move to a Finnish-language medical internship in Finland. Take the Finnish equivalence exams in Finland. This is the roadmap for the most convenient and fastest way to pass the recognition process. You should benefit from past experience, questions and group work.

As soon as possible, we will share information about "Finnish language education" and "Finnish medical exam preparation" for doctors. Do not forget to follow the social media accounts of Turkish Doctors from Finland: Doctoring in Finland.

Summer Schools of Universities

You can take part in the online Finnish courses of the summer schools of the University of Helsinkior the summer schools of the University of Tampere. You can sign up for courses on these search pages, where you can find language courses for all levels, as short as 2 weeks and as intensive as 10s of hours per week.

Online Finnish Language Course for Turkish Doctors

Click here to access the announcement page for Finnish Language Courses for Turkish Doctors residing outside Finland and to review the details.

Free Online Finnish Language Training

A page with an introduction to the language, the alphabet, basic dialogues, some dialect/dialect usages...etc. Free sites and apps are listed. Click here for the website.

Free Mobile App and Database

ClozeMaster, which is also available in a free version, uses tatoeba, an open source language translation database. Click here to install Clozemaster.

Free/paid mixed language learning apps

Duolingo, Drops, Mondly, Lingualeo, Memrise apps

Finnish Online Dictionaries

You can activate and use Finnish language from the language options settingsof the site. is a nice online free dictionary where you can even search for words in Finnish texts, even in conjugated form. is a dictionary that stands out with similar opportunities.

You can also use and to use a dictionary and look up every conjugation of the Finnish word.

Finnish Kareoke

Apart from courses and exercises, you can also practice Finnish Karaoke as an auxiliary method. You can visit the website where you can practice Finnish Karaoke with songs, videos etc.

Find friends with native Finnish speakers interested in language education

Find native Finnish speaking friends who teach you their mother tongue with apps like HelloTalk. Make native Finnish friends and practice.

Recommended Youtube Channels

Our Turkish doctor colleagues living in Finland are making "Finnish for beginners" training videos. They have produced and continue to produce very valuable language training videos.

There are "Online Finnish Education Videos" with Turkish Language support in the taste of Open Education. Do not forget to follow the Learn Finnish Youtube Channel of Dr. Öner and Dr. Tulay and review all the videos.

There are also "Online Finnish Training Videos" by teacher Selim. Do not forget to follow Selim Finnish Lessons channel and review all videos.

Recommended Finnish Language Teaching Book

"Suomen Mestari" is a language education book that language educators also refer to. You should Google it and get the PDF and audio files. After a 5-10 minute google search, you can add a resource to your digital library.

Past Medical Recognition Examination Questions of Previous Periods

Medical equivalency exams in Finnish are constantly being collected. This resource with past exam questions and answers will help you pass the exams. You can access all past exam questions and answers by clicking on the Googe Drive link.

Recommended Finnish TV Series for Doctors

Finnish doctor shows you can watch with a VPN to improve your language


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